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The Woods Lamp examination is great. In fact, a majority of our Dermatologist / Estheticians have both a Woods Lamp and a DermID. The limitation of the Wood’s lamp is that it was created in 1903, and with a UV wavelength of only 340–400 nm, it only scratches the surface of the Dermis. The DermID blue light technology was created in 2014 by M.D. Anderson Doctors and has a wavelength of 405-470nm, penetrating to the lower dermis / upper subcutaneous for easier visualizing of abnormal cells. In addition, our blue light technology is much less detrimental to cells than the ultraviolet irradiation from a Woods Lamp.

Please reach out directly to your sales representative to get a replacement part ASAP. They should be able to get a replacement part in your hands in less than 24 hours. If you need further assistance please send an email to

DermID was created with the same blue fluorescence technology as OralID, our sister company. OralID is used by over 2000 Dentists across the USA to identify oral cancer.

DermID is not a 501K device like OralID; therefore the device cannot be used to diagnose cancer. However, as a Class 1 Medical Device, you can FIND ABNORMALITIES BEFORE THEY BECOME FATALATIES. Dermatologists will be able to identify abnormal skin cells that are undetectable by the naked eye and send them off to the lab. Estheticians will be able to send suspicious images to their sponsoring Dermatologist for further testing.

If a DermID is lost, the customer will be required to pay a $2500 fee and will also have to continue their license with a new light. If the product is stolen the customer can send in a claim to their insurance, they will still have to pay the $2500 fee and continue their license agreement with a new light.

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